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Welcome to You Booked It.
The Podcast & Community that guides the career path 98% of entertainment professionals will experience.

Hi, I'm Dane.

I have been a professional entertainer for more than 17yrs. I've been fortunate to perform all over the World... from Las Vegas, Boston, NYC, Canada, Australia, Italy, and Germany. I'm an AEA Actor & Stage Manager. I was even voted the #1 mascot in America!

"Why the Podcast & Community?" 

I created You Booked It to fill the gap between training and the real world, learn how to get the most out of your career, and how to transition successfully into your various chapters in life while remaining artistically (and financially) fulfilled.

Creating a successful career in this industry takes much more than talent.

"Yeah, I've heard that before. So why are you different?"

Most everyone out there promotes "How to be on Broadway" or "Make it in Hollywood". The fact is only about 2% of professional entertainers work in either of those markets.

From my perspective... focusing on solely those markets can be detrimental to your career.

The reality is that no one knows how their career will unfold. Nearly 100% of us will work in a variety of markets spanning a variety of niches within the entertainment industry.

"So... what exactly do you do?"

I'm here to guide you through creating a successful entertainment career. No matter which market, or which niche of the industry you want to work in.

I have had a successful career that is extremely diverse. Through the Podcast I have interviewed more experts in the industry than any other platform (all of which is available for free), and every 2 weeks I bring in masterclass experts on their niche in the industry to share their experience and knowledge with our Community! 🤯

I strive to represent every niche (and micro niche).

While you will be offered performance skill based masterclasses like Acting Through Song or Dance combos from Broadway shows, you'll also find we dig into the nitty gritty. 

The NOT sexy part of our industry. I'm talking the Business of Show Business. The mindsets required. The Foundational knowledge that is vital if you desire to have a sustainable entertainment career. 

In short... The stuff that actually matters. 

Welcome, and thanks for being here. Have a look around. Join the Community, Send me a DM, Listen to the Podcast.

Much love.


The You Booked It family

You Booked It is a suite of offerings that take the podcast to the next level! 

In addition to the Podcast, there are now the You Booked It Community and You Booked It Masterclasses

The idea to create the Community and Masterclass series came after listening to the same types of things come up again and again over the course of hundreds of interviews with entertainment professionals on the podcast. 

It became clear our industry needed more direct and niche focused community that truly offered solutions and guidance for those navigating an entire career in this industry. Now it exists.

Have a listen...

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