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Hey there! I have been fortunate to have a very diverse and successful entertainment career... spanning nearly 20 years and across more aspects of the industry than you'll find most anywhere.

I graduated from the #1 school in the USA for Musical Theatre.

Developed an amazing skillset.

And quickly realized even after spending $200,000 learning how to be a professional entertainer...

I was CLUELESS on how to actually use my skills to create a career.

I thought to myself... "How is that even possible!" 

Yet, there I was... Dumbfounded.

What's crazier... is almost every person I speak with says the exact. same. thing.

I LOST YEARS of momentum in my prime performing age! 

That led to me ensuring I did everything in my power to help peers and cast mates.

Sharing, teaching, and coaching on everything that actually creates a successful, long-term entertainment career.

Then, I created the podcast, You Booked It which is now the #1 global resource on how to create a successful career, and has enabled me to distill everything I've learned from both my career and the most successful entertainers on the planet into a coaching program that goes light years beyond simply developing your performance skillset.


I'm in this with You for the long-haul

Most programs have short-term sessions (e.g. 3 sessions, 4 weeks, etc.)

This is YOUR CAREER we're talking about... how much progress do you really expect to make in only a handful of sessions? Sure, a masterclass can be amazing... but actually applying what you learn takes time and guidance.

I will be here with You for 12 MONTHS!

That, is how we make true measurable success.

What you get when you work with me...

Every professional athlete relies on coaches to take them to the next level. Why would it be any different for you? 

Most coaches in the entertainment industry focus only on the skills you learn in schools and training programs such as... creating your rep book, dance, acting, finding monologues, and singing.

The problem is, while developing your skillset is important, the reality is... 

Not a single one of them alone will actually create long-term success. 

In my coaching we dig deep 1-on-1, and create Your foundation and long-term action plan of how to make a truly successful entertainment career. 

From my personal experience and 170+ interviews with top-tier professionals... I have distilled the precise fundamentals, skills, and tools You need to create a long-term, successful career!

Here's a hint... not one of them is taught in school.



Only in the past handful of years has mindset and mental health become something we talk about openly. 

As an entertainment professional, your mindset is a VITAL piece of the puzzle for creating a successful career. 

Look... it's tough out there, and there is no cookie-cutter solution for taking control of your mindset and mental health. 

We will work together to create your customized program to stay emotionally ahead of the game, and give you total control over both your mindset and mental health!


There's was once a time when your Agent or Manager was all you needed... those days are looong gone, and NOW more than ever is when you absolutely need to take control of your own marketing!

Not only is the entertainment industry becoming more digital with every passing day, but it is now common practice for casting directors to ask for your social media handles, and they use them to make casting decisions.

We'll create and refine your entire digital presence. Learn HOW to market yourself for both in-person auditions and submissions to give you the edge and stand out from the noise. 

Strategically curating your online presence is vital to your long-term success!

It's not just about posting pretty photos and funny videos. 

It's about how you add value to producers.

That is what we will create!


Money and Taxes... the two things most entertainment professionals want nothing to do with, but have some of the largest impacts on your career's longevity.

Developing your knowledge around the "Business" side of this industry is imperative!

Creating your art is your passion... let's make sure you turn that into money so you can continue creating your art!

The good news... I've made it super easy so you get the most out of your talent and hard work.

In addition to developing financial literacy, I will also connect you with the accountants and lawyers that will ensure you keep more of your hard earned income!


"Show me the Money!" Once we have the financial literacy side of things sorted, it's time to make sure you develop the skills you need to create total control over your financial success.

That means creating arts driven income streams that you can rely on outside of booking contracts, shows, and freelance gigs.

The goal is to never have to rely on a casting agent or producer to provide you with the income you need to pay for the cost of life.

We work to get YOU in control of YOUR financial success! 


It's easy to talk and say you'll do something, but when it comes to doing the thing... we often fall flat.

I'm here to provide structure to your growth and journey so you don't get overwhelmed or spread too thin.

I will hold Yourself to a high standard so you can make real, verifiable growth quickly!

I'm here to keep you motivated and inspired to continue moving forward. Being an entertainment professional is more fulfilling than anything I've discovered, but it is also full of challenges. 

I'm here for You when the going gets tough.


My priority is to ensure YOU create a successful career!

Honing your skillset is important. We always need to be refining our talents.

What do you need... Creating a rep book, dance, acting, self-tapes, audition tips, monologues, puppets? 

Whatever it is, I have you covered.

My skillset is broad, but I'm not about to pretend I'm the best at teaching every skill. 

If I don't feel 100% confident teaching you something... I personally know some of the very best on the planet for whatever your needs are!

I will introduce you to them on your behalf so you can cut through the noise, and connect directly with the BEST! 

As the saying goes... "It's all about WHO you know."

A bit more about me

I have performed in nine shows on the Las Vegas strip; performed in hundreds of Industrials, Italy, Germany, Canada, Australia, and New York City. I've been on National TV, Radio, and sang as a featured soloist with World-Renowned symphony orchestras. I was even voted the #1 mascot in the United States! I am a Corporate Producer, and an Actors Equity Actor and Stage Manager.

I actually live the life and walk the talk at the highest levels of the entertainment industry.

That, combined with my 360 degree understanding of the industry from speaking with more entertainment professionals than anyone in the World about how to actually create a successful entertainment career has given me a unique perspective you will not find anywhere else.

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