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The entertainment industry is huge. Your career is unpredictable. Discover every part of the industry so you create a career that is always artistically fulfilled.

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After hundreds of interviews with top professionals in the industry... "Relationships" are the #1 Fundamental that create a successful long-term career. Find your people. Build your network.

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Your mindset is a VITAL piece of the puzzle. Learn how to optimize your mind for success.


I know... money. Most of us hate talking or thinking about it, but you cannot deny increasing your financial literacy is paramount to your career success! 

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Now, more than ever we have to control and shape our online presence. Learn how to do to it the right way.

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The reality is that no one knows how their career will unfold. Nearly 100% of us will work in a variety of markets spanning a variety of niches within the entertainment industry.

While most everyone out there is promoting "How to be on Broadway"or"Make it in Hollywood". The fact is only about 2% of us will work in either of those markets.

From my perspective... focusing solely on those two markets can be detrimental to your career. 🤦

"So... What do I do?"

I'm here to guide you through creating a successful entertainment career. No matter which market, or which niche of the industry you want to work in!

I have had a successful career that is extremely diverse. Through the Podcast I have interviewed more experts in the industry than any other platform (all of which is available for free), and every 2 weeks I bring in masterclass experts on their niche in the industry to share their experience and knowledge with our Community! 🤯

This is the only resource and community that covers the entire entertainment industry! 

Build professional industry relationships, and learn from those Walking the Walk.

While you will be offered performance skill based masterclasses like Acting Through Song or Dance combos from Broadway shows, you'll also find we dig into the nitty gritty. 

The NOT sexy part of our industry. I'm talking the Business of Show Business. The mindsets required. The Foundational knowledge that is vital if you desire to have a sustainable entertainment career. 

In short... The stuff that actually matters. 

"Why Discord?"

It is this perfect community platform. It's compatible on every device. It has everything you love about Zoom, while also being social, and easy to organize and search specific conversations... aka nothing gets lost in a news feed.


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PAST GUESTS INCLUDE... Lindsay Heather Pearce (WICKED), JJ Niemann (BOOK OF MORMON), Desi Oakley (WAITRESS), Laura Bell Bundy (LEGALLY BLONDE), Rachel Bertone (AWARD WINNING Director/ Choreographer)!

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Unlimited Masterclasses?

Dane brings in industry professionals to present high quality masterclasses at minimum, twice per month. This is literally thousands of dollars worth of expertise you won't find anywhere else. 

There are NO EXTRA FEES for attending any masterclass. They are all included with your CommunityPLUS+ membership!

What is Discord?

Good question. Discord is a platform that is a hybrid between Zoom, Slack, and Social Networks. Essentially you can communicate with people any way you want. Be part of conversations and topics that are relevant to you. Even customize your notifications so you only receive what is helpful to you. Everything is ultra organized... making it easy to learn exactly what you need right now.

How do I get access? 

As soon as you sign up, our team will send you an email with your invite to the You Booked It Community on Discord.

Can I cancel?

Totes... if that's what you want. It's super easy. We process payments via PayPal. At any time you can cancel your membership via your own PayPal account... or if you'd prefer we cancel it for you, simply send an email to dane [at] youbookeditpodcast.com or DM an Admin within the community. 

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