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EP 1: Dane Reis


Dane: You booked it, episode one, Hey, entertainers and performers of the world. I’m your host, Dane, Reis, and welcome to… You Booked It. Where I chat with inspiring entertainers, seven days a week by digging into their journey. We’re going to discover everything you need to do to be a successful entertainer, you know cause training, usually skips that part about how to actually make your skills work for you in the real world. Fellow entertainers, my drive here at you booked it is to share the inspiring and incredible journeys of successful entertainers. We are here to support your journey. So go to youbookeditpodcast.com and join the, You Booked It, email community, where we dig deep into truly actionable things you can be doing right now to help you book that next audition, submission or gig.

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[00:01:24] Hey there everyone. And thank you for joining me on the debut episode of, You Booked It? It’s just me today and it’s going to be a pretty short one, but I wanted to lead off with this so I could give all of you out there. A quick overview of what this podcast is all about, why I chose to do it, and a little bit of background on me. 

[00:01:47] You Booked It is a unique podcast in its space for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, the goal is to inspire both existing professional entertainers out there, as well as those aspiring to become professional entertainers themselves. If you’ve been a part of the entertainment industry for any amount of time, you are well aware of all the ups and downs that come with it, but here’s the deal…

[00:02:12] Training programs and schools simply do not teach the part about how to actually make your skills work for you in the real world. And you know what? I kind of get it because the entertainment industry is absolutely massive. It is so diverse and there are so many different paths you can take. So how do you possibly teach a one size fits all way to span that gap between training and a professional career?

[00:02:40] Well, that’s why I started the, You Booked It podcast because we can learn from many. We can learn the consistent things successful entertainers do in their career. And together we’ll discover not only the fundamentals of creating a successful career, but also the insider information for those niche specific parts of the industry.

[00:03:03] I am a firm believer of giving back and not coveting information, especially when it pertains to the entertainment industry. By being open and sharing our knowledge, we better prepare ourselves, our peers, aspiring entertainers and help ensure that we as a community get the absolute most from this industry while not being taken advantage of both artistically and financially.

[00:03:30] Part of what makes you booked it unique is that in every interview I’ll be asking the exact same questions. By keeping the questions consistent, you’ll be able to listen to each episode already knowing what I’ll be asking. And the interesting and valuable part is how the same questions are answered by different people.

[00:03:50] The best part, I’ll be interviewing a new person every single day, seven days a week. Episodes will run approximately 30 minutes long and there’ll be full of great information. I chose to jump head first into creating this podcast because throughout my career, as an entertainer, I have always been the one working to connect people with others and help people out where I can.

[00:04:14] I’ve also been that person who will tell you… straight up on a gig or contract exactly what I’m getting paid because in my opinion, every entertainer benefits from that kind of information. However, I’m limited to how many people I can help if I only share it with those I’m immediately surrounded with. I wanted to have a larger impact… and this podcast is how.

[00:04:38] Now a little bit about me. I grew up in Missoula, Montana playing all the sports. Then late in high school a series of concussions forced me to quit all of them. And suddenly I had nothing to do. And one of my sister’s friends, her name was Chela asked me if I wanted to lift some girls in a dance show.

[00:04:59] I figured why not? I’ve got nothing else going on and to make a long story short, I had a brilliant time and I haven’t looked back since no. I graduated from the Boston conservatory with a degree in musical theater and $120,000 in student debt. However before that, and since then, I’ve been fortunate to do some pretty cool things.

[00:05:24] I’ve performed in nine shows on the Las Vegas strip. I performed in New York City, Boston, Canada, Australia, Italy, and Germany. I’ve been on TV and radio. I’ve sung as a featured soloist with world renowned symphony orchestras. I’m an award winning mascot. I won the Capital One national mascot of the year award for being the number one collegiate mascot in the United States.

[00:05:48] I’ve also originated two other professional mascots worldwide. I’m a corporate producer and project coordinator. I’m also an actor’s equity actor and stage manager. As you can see, I’ve been fortunate to work in various parts of the entertainment industry and each one of them has its own tricks of the trade, if you will.

[00:06:08] And that’s why I believe this podcast is so important. I’m thoroughly looking forward to sharing the interviews with you in the coming days in months. And that about does it for episode number one, be sure to subscribe to you, booked it on Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast. Tomorrow. We have our first guest, my good friend, Michael Forsch, who has an Epic amount of valuable information you don’t want to miss. Cheers everyone. 

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