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EP 134: Dani Elizabeth (autogenerated)

Dane Reis: [00:00:00] you booked it. Episode 134. Okay, let’s get started. I am excited to introduce my guest today. Denny Elizabeth, are you ready for this Danny? 

[00:00:16]Dani Elizabeth: [00:00:16] Oh, yeah, let’s do it.

[00:00:18] Dane Reis: [00:00:18] All right. Danny was born and raised in upstate New York. She studied ballet from the age of four danced on her college dance team and graduated with a bachelor’s in marketing and advertising.

[00:00:29] After finishing college, Danny moved to Los Angeles and then to Las Vegas, where she has had the privilege of performing with celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez on the Ellen DeGeneres show, Cielo green, green, Brittany Spears, DJT. So, and lady Gaga is saxophonist.

[00:00:45] Brian Newman, Las Vegas credits include Dawn. Ardennes the purple rain as well as magician’s assistant for laughter noon. She joined the cast of the longest running burlesque show in America. Crazy girls in 2016 and was elated with joy and gratitude when asked to become the host only a few months later, Danny, that is a quick intro of who you are and what you’ve done, but why don’t you tell us a little bit more about yourself, fill in the gaps and a little bit more about what you do as a professional in the entertainment industry.

[00:01:22]Dani Elizabeth: [00:01:22] my pleasure. And thanks so much for having me. This is so great. Um, so let’s see for the past four years now, I’ve been working in crazy girls and, um, like you had mentioned, I also host the show. Um, but when I went into the show, I, I went in as a dancer and originally I moved out to LA. Vegas for the show Jubilee.

[00:01:40] And I now have been here for just over eight years, which is so hard to believe. I can’t even 

[00:01:44] Dane Reis: [00:01:44] yeah. 

[00:01:45] Dani Elizabeth: [00:01:45] Oh my gosh. But, uh, so before, um, COVID I was working six nights a week at planet Hollywood casino, hosting and dancing, and the longest running burlesque show in America, which is crazy girls. And then I also, once a week was working with my now fiance as of last week at, um, His show Marine, the magician over at Tropicana.

[00:02:07] So I would do that. And then I would bump over and do my show cause his was about an hour earlier, before my call time. So it worked out really well and it was very busy, but it was also very exciting. I was also working with top on doing. Two numbers for their show that was supposed to take place at the Venetian.

[00:02:27] But now because of COVID, they pushed it back until next year. But that was also very exciting. So everything was happening at once before the world. Shut down.

[00:02:37]Dane Reis: [00:02:37] , that is cool. And congratulations on the engagement.

[00:02:41] Dani Elizabeth: [00:02:41] Thank you. Thank you. Super excited. I

[00:02:45] Dane Reis: [00:02:45] I can imagine. 

[00:02:46] Dani Elizabeth: [00:02:46] Yeah, it was three years, um, on September 28th and we went to Mount Charleston and like, we are just going to celebrate the night I thought. And, uh, we’re drinking some wine and one of the little cabins and I’m eating some snacks and he had. Was eating some Cracker jacks and was like, Oh honey, do you want, do you want the prize?

[00:03:04] Cause I always get excited about the prize. And normally it’s like a sticker, you know, but I’m like, maybe we’ll get the one box. And so I pulled the prize thing out and I’m like, wow, we actually got a real toy. And this one, honey, I was so excited. I opened it and I’m like, skirt, this is not a toy. And then he was down on one knee and he was the editor.

[00:03:21] He was like, so will you marry me? And I was just so confused. So it took me a second and he’s like, like, Oh, will you? I was like, yes, of course, of course. Super cute. And it’s a

[00:03:31] lot of fun.

[00:03:33] Dane Reis: [00:03:33] Brilliant. That sounds great. And let’s get moving on to this first section here and Danny, look, I am a sucker for a good quote. What is your favorite quote? You’d like to share with everyone?

[00:03:47] Dani Elizabeth: [00:03:47] So one of my favorite quotes is from John Lennon. Everything will be okay in the end if it’s not okay. It’s not the end.

[00:03:55]Dane Reis: [00:03:55] Mm. So good and very pertinent for the time that we’re

[00:04:00] in 

[00:04:00] Dani Elizabeth: [00:04:00] Yeah, exactly. Right.

[00:04:02] Dane Reis: [00:04:02] Yeah. But can you expand on how that has played itself into your life and your career?

[00:04:09] Dani Elizabeth: [00:04:09] Sure. So anytime I’m going through a hard time, I remember it’s not the end and. You have to just keep pushing, keep striving to be better. You know, you, if you don’t book a gig or you happen to have a show that wasn’t your best performance, uh, you have to go back home and rework it and figure out what you can do to do it differently and to be better.

[00:04:35] So that the next time you overcome that hurdle. And if you keep overcoming hurdles well, before you know it, you reach your goals and you become the best version of yourself that you want to become. So when you’re going through a rough patch, just remember, that’s not the end, this is a life lesson, and you have to learn how to conquer that to move forward.

[00:04:54] Before you find another life lesson that you have to figure

[00:04:57] Dane Reis: [00:04:57] Yeah, for sure. They always have a way of keeping, keeping us on our toes. Don’t they. 

[00:05:03] Dani Elizabeth: [00:05:03] yo. Yeah. 

[00:05:03] Dane Reis: [00:05:03] But yes. Thank you. So well said so well said, and let’s move on to this next section here, Danny, of course you are an entertainer. I’m an entertainer. And I think that you’d agree that this industry can be one of the most subjective, brutally, honest, personally, emotional industries. industries. In existence and you know, as well as I, that in order to create and have a successful career in this industry, like your having now, it’s a lot of dedication and hard work and why? Oh yeah. An outrageous amount of fun and excitement being an entertainer. There are also our fair share of obstacles, challenges, and failures.

[00:05:44] We are going to experience and we’re going to have to move forward through. So tell us, what is one key challenge, obstacle or failure you’ve experienced in your career and how did you come out the other side better because of it.

[00:05:58]Dani Elizabeth: [00:05:58] Oh man. I could list a bunch, all, you know, pros and cons to everything, but one that pops out in my mind, um, that I’d say more recently because the last show or the show that I’m in now, I’ve been in for the last four years. And I was in the show for about a year, year and a half when they asked me if I would be interested in hosting.

[00:06:17] And at the time we had a comedy magician as the. In between middle act between act one, act two. And I was like, well, yeah, sure. I could host get up there and say a couple things. And he’s like, okay, great. Put together 15 minute monologue and show me in three weeks. And I was like, 

[00:06:34] Yeah. Okay. I get home. I’m like, Oh my gosh, what did I do?

[00:06:40] you know, and then I kept in the back of my mind, how confident my producer was. He said to me, he was like, Oh, you know, I know you’re , a new Yorker, Italian. You like to talk to people a lot. Like you could do this. And I’m like, I can, he’s like, yeah, I’m pretty sure you can. I have faith. So go home, put something together.

[00:06:56] So luckily I had about a month to do it. Um, but when you don’t have. A background in that, even if you do have a background in it, I imagine that it is pretty, pretty scary, but, um, you know, writing comedy and putting together, you know, basically essentially an outline for, um, you know, hosting an entire show, um, was pretty terrifying, but I was lucky enough and resourceful that I have had friends, um, um, actually friends of mine that worked as, um, The host of the show, absent out here, uh, like the universe just brought me to them.

[00:07:25] I’m also a massage therapist and they happen to be new clients that I had no idea and walked and met them. And I’m like, Oh my gosh, well, this is just the universe looking out for me. So, you know, So, you know, I put together an outline and, and use my resources and, and had friends and family and mentors kind of guide me through things.

[00:07:43]And, and then I just spent the next, like six months to a year doing it. Stage and trying to tweak it so that I could get better every time, because I mean, people do do a comedy and, and host things for decades and they’re still constantly fine tuning what they’re doing. So I think, um, because I said yes to the challenge, uh, even though I had moments where I even, I think I tried to have a conversation where I said, you know, maybe I’m not the best.

[00:08:07] For this situation or this opportunity. And he was like, well, I always want to hear it first. And when he pushed me to do that and I, then I pushed myself. Um, I realized, you know, what, if you, if you don’t try, you don’t know. And I think that was one of the most recent, uh, biggest things I’ve overcome and saying, okay, I really don’t know what I can do, but I’m going to do my best and see what happens.

[00:08:28] And I’m so

[00:08:28] grateful to this day that I did.

[00:08:30]Dane Reis: [00:08:30] You said, if you don’t try, you don’t know. And that is so true. And I think we often times get caught up in our head. We get caught up in the emotion and the moment of it, but that is really what it boils down to. You simply have to do it. See what happens because. If you fall on your face, that’s fine. 

[00:08:52] Dani Elizabeth: [00:08:52] I mean, 

[00:08:52] Dane Reis: [00:08:52] but 

[00:08:52] Dani Elizabeth: [00:08:52] Exactly. And everybody has to fall on their face in order

[00:08:55] to 

[00:08:55] be better, at least once there’s no

[00:08:57] Dane Reis: [00:08:57] at least

[00:08:58] Dani Elizabeth: [00:08:58] perfect right out of the gate, that doesn’t exist and you take, it takes practice to be perfect. And I think we have to be more accepting of that.

[00:09:06]Dane Reis: [00:09:06] Exactly. Exactly. And let’s move on to a time that I like to call your spotlight moment. That one moment in time you realized, yes, I am going to be an entertainer for a living or maybe it was, yes, this is what I need to be doing as an entertainer. Tell us about that.

[00:09:29] Dani Elizabeth: [00:09:29] Hmm. Okay. So eight years ago, uh, I auditioned for Jubilee and I had been auditioning for a lot of different shows and Disney and. Um, I think even some cruise ships at the time, but I went to school for marketing and I moved to Los Angeles for a career in marketing. So for me, I was like, well, you know, now I’ve been living in LA for three years.

[00:09:51] I’ve been training really hard. I want to try to be a. Professional dancer. I want that on my resume. So finally, after about a year of auditioning, I booked you Billy and had no idea what it was at the time. Um, and I moved to Las Vegas and went through all the rehearsals, which you know about because we got to.

[00:10:11] Perform on that stage together at Valley’s Las Vegas. And, um, I remember after the first show and I was terrified, um, and the curtain went down and as you know, the finale stairs and everybody is from the cast is out on stage for that final moment when the curtain closes. And when that first curtain went down and I could hear everyone in the audience applauding, I stood there and I just remember my eyes kind of filling up with tears.

[00:10:37] And I was like, I’m hooked I’m addicted. I will definitely be back tomorrow. So I think that was the very first moment that I knew that I was like, wow. Okay. This is, this is going to be a new life for me. And then the second one was about four years later. When, uh, as I just told you, when I got asked to host and it took me quite a couple months to really get comfortable doing it.

[00:11:03] , um, And changing out jokes because I’m trying to make my jokes stronger. And I know that that’s a learning process in itself, but, um, as I got better at it and more comfortable on stage, if I could use my voice and make someone laugh, there is something so unique and special and powerful to me that I was like, okay, I can see myself moving permanently in this direction.

[00:11:26] I’m addicted to this now.

[00:11:28]Dane Reis: [00:11:28] , that is so good.  that stage in Jubilee was really something special. The sets were massive, the amount of the sheer number of people on that set. So good. And I love that you found this new thing, the hosting, the comedy, because it’s also so fulfilling. And I think that’s, what is so important about this podcast is that.

[00:11:52]It’s highlighting, Hey, you can start here, start dancing, or you could start in in advertising and marketing, right. And then go, you know what, this is what I want dancing, having that audience in front of that, all the in front of that, all the spectacle of that. And then, you discover comedy in in hosting and it’s all, you know, it’s all kind of tied together and that’s, what’s so cool about.

[00:12:14]Having people like you on the show. So we can really highlight that you don’t just have to stay in one place, your entire career, that you can start one place end up somewhere completely different and be justice fulfilled or more.

[00:12:29]Dani Elizabeth: [00:12:29] I love that. So

[00:12:30] Dane Reis: [00:12:30] Yes. And no, let’s piggyback on that question real quick. And let’s talk about your number one, booked it moment, and walk us through that day, the auditions and callbacks, if they happen to be a part of it, what was going on in your life? And what about that moment? Makes it your favorite it moment.

[00:12:52]Dani Elizabeth: [00:12:52] Yes. I definitely would say that my first and number one moment was receiving Jubilee because that was the first, uh, you know, show that I ended up doing throughout. Um, at the beginning of my career and I was living in Los Angeles and, um, I was no longer working in marketing because I wanted to train, I was taking two ballet classes a day and, uh, you know, jazz and all, everything that you do to prepare yourself.

[00:13:18] So I was working on jobs. Just so I didn’t have to work a nine to five or in marketing, it’s more like an eight to seven or whenever you’re done. Right? Right? Yeah. So,

[00:13:28] Dane Reis: [00:13:28] right. 

[00:13:29] Dani Elizabeth: [00:13:29] So, 

[00:13:29] Dane Reis: [00:13:29] right. 

[00:13:29] Dani Elizabeth: [00:13:29] so I was working at Nordstrom, um, in the fragrance department, I was working as a trainer at a curves gym in Hollywood. Uh, and then I was also teaching dance classes at Ida, which is a international dance Academy.

[00:13:44] And Hollywood area. So my girlfriends and I would go and she would take my class and we’d always ride our bikes about a mile and a half

[00:13:52]on to the studio. We left the studio and we were riding back home and all of a sudden. Um, I, my phone started ringing and if there’s not, if there’s a number in my phone, one that I don’t recognize it.

[00:14:03] And now I’m a little bit different to this because in the sense of trying to book things, but at the time, especially, I was like, I don’t have this number of programs. I’m going to just. You know, screen the call and then underneath it, it said where the number was coming from. And it said Las Vegas, Nevada.

[00:14:18] And I was like Las Vegas. Okay. And I had an audition for Jubilee a few weeks, few weeks prior to receiving this call. So I told my girlfriend, we like pull over off sunset Boulevard and I’m like, wait, wait. And I get the call and it’s Diane Palm and she’s Danny. Yes. And she said, well, I would like to offer you, um, a spot here at Jubilee as a short nude.

[00:14:41] And that’s all she said. And I had to pull, I put the phone on mute and pulled it away from my face, just in case I didn’t hit the mute button. Crying as I’m straddling my bicycle on the side of sunset Boulevard and my girlfriend’s there and she knew what was going on. So she’s jumping up and down and her bike fell over.

[00:15:01] And then I got off the phone. I was just like, thank you. Yes. I try not to cry.

[00:15:06] Dane Reis: [00:15:06] He has a

[00:15:06] Dani Elizabeth: [00:15:06] look forward to this. Yeah. And I’m like, okay. And then I hung up and then we both dropped her and just started jumping up and down and hugging each other. Cause she knew she’s an actress in LA and she knew how, how hard I worked and how important this was for me.

[00:15:18] And that’s. I know for her, she goes on gigs and auditions all the time. So that was my first moment. And

[00:15:25] man, 

[00:15:25] there is nothing 

[00:15:26] Dane Reis: [00:15:26] nothing like that feeling. Ah, you’re so right. It’s such a great story. And I love that you were just sunset Boulevard.

[00:15:33] Why not?

[00:15:36] Dani Elizabeth: [00:15:36] I was like, Oh, I don’t really need my bike anymore. If it gets hit by a car, you can’t ride them in Las Vegas. It’s fine.

[00:15:43] Dane Reis: [00:15:43] Exactly. Well, let’s take a moment to talk about the present. What projects are you working on now? What are you looking forward to? And. It’s a weird time, right? We’re amidst this global pandemic. How do you see the entertainment industry moving forward in the next couple of years? 

[00:16:02] Dani Elizabeth: [00:16:02] Yes. Okay. So, um, to your first question there, I feel like you don’t have to limit yourself. Um, I’m a dancer and a host performer. Um, but I also consider myself a business woman and I went to school for marketing. So I currently still work on certain people’s social media pages during this COVID time.

[00:16:22]Um, And my fiance and I started a landscaping company cause he’s been doing landscaping, uh, projects as hobbies for friends and, and at his houses in the house that I own for over 20 years now. So we started a landscaping company called dirt to dreams, and we’ve actually been doing quite, quite, I we’ve been getting quite a lot of gigs.

[00:16:40] So like yesterday we did three different houses and the size of, you know, the. Project all varies on the client and the house, but we’ve done a lot of cool things like put down fake grass and sin lawn to redesigning people’s entire backyards to yard cleanup on building waterfalls. It’s been really fun and interesting and also uses our creative side and also a really great workout.

[00:17:02] So if the world shuts down again, don’t worry about a gym. Just start landscaping. You’ll be fine.   And then also massage therapy. I went back to school for that about six years, years, years ago now. And so I I’ve been doing that as well, and I have my own private freelance business, but so, you know, it’s just about how, how to keep yourself busy entertains.

[00:17:21] And as for the entertainment industry, Moving forward, at least from what I have seen and I think will be happening in Las Vegas, um, is I think, yeah, that a lot of these bigger shows and bigger productions will start to dissipate, or maybe not even come back after this time of COVID. Um, and I think that the smaller shows and more of the latter around environments, those are going to be the things that thrive.

[00:17:48] And a more intimate setting, kind of like what old Vegas used to be. And that makes me super excited. Like, I really hope that that prediction is true, but I think that, that said, I think that that’s what Vegas is all about. It’s it’s that more intimate old school, uh, you know, uh, you know,

[00:18:04]lounge vibe. vibe. 

[00:18:05]Dane Reis: [00:18:05] Yeah. I, I really enjoy your insight on that. And I really enjoy the lounge setting as well. I like to have a drink, have a conversation and have some entertainment all at the same time. 

[00:18:17] Dani Elizabeth: [00:18:17] For sure. And even the smaller shows where you might not be able to like, you know, have a dinner and conversation, but you know, my show crazy girls, it’s a cast of six and, uh, you know, one or two ushers and two to three stagehands. So it’s a small intimate. Environment and, and show that, uh, you could enjoy and, you know, not a 5,000 seat theater, which will be a lot easier moving forward to, you know, be careful with not spreading germs and

[00:18:48] COVID and all those things. 

[00:18:50] Dane Reis: [00:18:50] Yeah, exactly. And let’s, let’s butts to put in seats, you know, so a higher probability of maybe remaining profitable. So we’ll 

[00:18:58] see what happens. Yeah. Yeah. Well, it is time to move on to one of my favorite sections in the interview. I call it the grease lightning round. I am going to ask you a handful of questions. I want you to answer them as quickly and concisely as possible one after another. Are you ready?

[00:19:18] Dani Elizabeth: [00:19:18] Yeah, let’s do

[00:19:20] Dane Reis: [00:19:20] All right. First question. What was the one thing holding you back from committing to a career as an entertainer?

[00:19:26]Dani Elizabeth: [00:19:26] I’d say nothing. I strongly believe in. Don’t put your eggs 

[00:19:30] Dane Reis: [00:19:30] eggs all in one day. Second question. What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

[00:19:37]Dani Elizabeth: [00:19:37] Never stopped dancing, no matter what. 

[00:19:39]Dane Reis: [00:19:39] Third question. What is something that is working for you right now? Or if you’d like to go pre COVID, what was working for you before our industry went on? Pause.

[00:19:49]Dani Elizabeth: [00:19:49] A bottle of wine at night. Just kidding. Uh, keeping Uh, keeping busy, busy, keeping busy and just keep trying new things constantly.

[00:19:57] No matter how hard it is.

[00:19:58]Dane Reis: [00:19:58] fourth question. What is it your best resource? Whether that is a book, a movie, a YouTube video, maybe a podcast or a piece of technology that you found is helping your career right now? 

[00:20:11] Dani Elizabeth: [00:20:11] I’d say all of the above. Honestly, I tried to read, watch anything I can that involves comedy and how people go about putting

[00:20:19] together together words and being great at it.

[00:20:21] Dane Reis: [00:20:21] Hmm. Great. And the fifth question, if you had to start your career from scratch, but you still had all the knowledge and experience you’ve collected from your career in this industry, what would you do or not do? Would you do anything differently or would you keep it the same?

[00:20:38]Dani Elizabeth: [00:20:38] I’d say, let go of fear. Don’t judge yourself. And no one is looking out for you 

[00:20:43] Dane Reis: [00:20:43] you more than you.

[00:20:45]Ah, so true. And the last question, what is the golden nugget knowledge drop you’ve learned from your successful career in this industry? You’d like to leave with our listeners.

[00:20:56]Dani Elizabeth: [00:20:56] I’d say there’s no such thing as mistake. If you don’t try, then you don’t know. And if you don’t put yourself out there, you don’t learn and you won’t grow. So both of the wall go after everything that makes you happy.

[00:21:10]Dane Reis: [00:21:10] Beautiful. And to wrap up this interview, Danny, it is time to give yourself a plug. Where can we find you? How do our listeners connect with you? Is there anything you want to promote?

[00:21:22]Dani Elizabeth: [00:21:22] Yeah. Um, you can find me on Instagram. Danny show girl, D a N I show girl. And then tick tock is Danny Elizabeth seven. I love making tick-tock videos. I just, you know, I find them highly entertaining and it’s like a child entertaining themselves. So that’s me. And then on Facebook, Danny Elizabeth. So you can check me out at all three.

[00:21:43]Um, and I have a website too, which you can find on my Instagram page.

[00:21:48]Danielle elizabeth.com. 

[00:21:49] Dane Reis: [00:21:49] And for everyone listening out there, I have put the links to everything. Danny just said into the description of this episode. So you can easily connect with her. Danny. Thank you so much for joining me today. It’s been great to have you on

[00:22:03] Dani Elizabeth: [00:22:03] Thank you so much, Dan. And it’s so great that you’re doing this and just giving everyone a voice. It’s really something 

[00:22:08] Dane Reis: [00:22:08] something’s bad. Thank you.