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EP 23: Michael Radiff

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[00:01:33] Michael? 

[00:01:34] Michael Radiff: [00:01:34] I am super ready. 

[00:01:35] Dane Reis: [00:01:35] Perfect. Michael has performed professionally for almost 15 years. His career began as a dancer on Royal Caribbean cruise lines there. He found his passion for the aerial arts, which brought him to Las Vegas in 2012. Since then he has performed as an aerialist dancer and Acrobat in many events and several shows across the Las Vegas strip.

[00:02:00] He is happily married now and juggles parenting six rambunctious dogs and is thankful for the love and support of his family and friends. Michael, that is a quick intro of who you are and what you’ve done, but why don’t you tell us a little bit more about yourself, fill in the gaps, who you are, where you’re from, where you’re currently calling home and a little bit more about what you do as a professional in the entertainment industry.

[00:02:26] Michael Radiff: [00:02:26] Okay. Well thank you, Dean. I’m really excited to share. So yeah, my name is Michael Radis. I am originally from Pueblo, Colorado. A small town, about 45 minutes South of Colorado Springs. And then from there right out of high school is when I started working professionally. I started, on cruise ships, as you had said.

[00:02:52] And then once I moved to Vegas, Vegas has been my home since then. So I’ve been here for almost. Eight and a half years going on. And it was kind of always a plan of mine to end up in Las Vegas. I really wanted to be a performer here and have been happy that I’ve been able to sustain a pretty decent career while being here.

[00:03:15] And now I’m super rooted, married dogs living here in Vegas and. Now just trying to juggle, still working and making it through a global pandemic, you know? 

[00:03:29] Dane Reis: [00:03:29] Absolutely. As, as we all do right now. 

[00:03:33] Michael Radiff: [00:03:33] Yeah. 

[00:03:33] Dane Reis: [00:03:33] Let’s move on to this section. And of course I am a sucker for a good quote. Okay. What’s your favorite quote that you’d like to share with our listeners?

[00:03:45] Michael Radiff: [00:03:45] Yeah. So my favorite quote, I’ve had this quote for a long time that I’ve held on to, and it is work is love made visible, and it comes from the books of the prophet by Khalil Gibran. And there’s an entire section about work in that book. And it talks about different aspects of that. And, one of the. One of the big things that I took from that in my life is work.

[00:04:13] Isn’t just your job. You know, relationships take work. Marriage takes work, being generous and caring takes work. And so fro from my perspective and seeing other people, and then trying to, you know, put my own passion in my work, when I see real work, you know, real work done in all of these different areas, I.

[00:04:36] You really do see love visible. It really becomes tangible. And so I really held onto that quote for pretty much my entire adult life. I 

[00:04:46] Dane Reis: [00:04:46] love that. And I think as entertainers and being in the arts in general, we’re very blessed and fortunate that what we get to do for a living and for careers is so. So much a part of us, and we’re so passionate about it and it’s such a, we’re so lucky to be in that situation compared to so many people that simply work for the 

[00:05:13] Michael Radiff: [00:05:13] four papers.

[00:05:14] Right, right. Absolutely. Well, and that, that’s another thing that you, you really hit it on the head was it’s important that to me, that through my work, you see the passion, you know, cause yes, as performers, we are passionate. But it makes a big difference when people who see you work, see that passion too.

[00:05:34] Dane Reis: [00:05:34] Absolutely. Well, let’s get into this next section. So Michael, you are an entertainer. Of course I am an entertainer and I think you’d agree. The entertainment industry is one of the most subjective, brutally, honest and personally emotional industries, either of us know about, and you know, as well as I that to create and to have a successful career in this industry, like you’re having now.

[00:06:01] Takes a lot of dedication and hard work. And while yeah, there is an outrageous amount of fun and excitement being an entertainer, being on stage in front of audiences, there are also our fair share of obstacles, challenges, and failures. We’re going to experience and we have to. Learn how to move forward through.

[00:06:24] So tell us, what is one key challenge, obstacle or failure you’ve experienced in your career and how did you come out the other side better because of it? 

[00:06:35] Michael Radiff: [00:06:35] Great question. Well, for me, the number one obstacle that has carried throughout my entire career and will probably continue, even, even past now.

[00:06:47] His, body image, you know, as a male performer, I’m sure you can attest to this, that we are looked at to have a certain look, in a lot of shows, body type, you know, size, that kind of different thing, those kind of different things. And, I regularly would get told that I don’t have the ideal type of body type for shows.

[00:07:08]Even when having the skills and the talent necessary or required for those shows. So that’s something that I have wrestled with for years and, you know, trying to fit molds, trying to change my body, to fit things that would maybe get into those shows that I really wanted to be in. And at one, at one point I realized I was trying to fit a mold that was unattainable.

[00:07:36] It’s just not what my body would do. So once I accepted that, I started looking at myself differently and realizing because of the way I’m built, but because of the way my body is, I could actually do some really cool things because of that, you know, and have my body been different. I wouldn’t be able to do the things that I do.

[00:07:58] And so then I changed the way that I would look at myself in the mirror and view myself. And instead of aggressively trying to change those parts of my body, I would celebrate those parts of my body because. That allowed me to do those really cool things. So it’s like, it’s a good thing. You look like that because you wouldn’t be able to do these things if you didn’t.

[00:08:18] So I’ve really had, and it’s taken work. It wasn’t like I woke up one day and just, just need that change. And I felt better. It it’s taken a lot of work because that, that rejection is still going to be there. That part doesn’t go away, but it’s just, it is part of what our business is. And you have to build that thick skin.

[00:08:35] But beyond that, you have to be able to champion yourself. In those times because you still have that value and that skill and that talent, that, that, that, will never be taken away. 

[00:08:48] Dane Reis: [00:08:48] So, absolutely I, a hundred percent agree and I can very much relate to that because myself personally, I’m not really tall, but I’m not really short, which is fine.

[00:08:59] But. My biggest thing is that I’m just a bulkier person, you know? And when it comes to getting cast, oftentimes I wouldn’t get cast because I just simply don’t fit the look I’m too big. I’m too bulky for what they had in mind for whatever the show might be. But in the same regard to this also served me so much throughout my career in loads of different shows and productions and.

[00:09:28] You’re right. When I was going to the Boston conservatory, I, you know, you’re around a lot of your quintessential chorus of course guys. And they, they were just born that way. Right. And I tried to be that and I realized, yeah, my body just doesn’t do that. Doesn’t do it. Won’t do it. And instead you just flip it on its head and.

[00:09:48] You work with what you’ve got and that ultimately gets you more work. 

[00:09:52] Michael Radiff: [00:09:52] That’s the absolutely well, and it’s so it’s so inconsistent because it’s kind of great that we’re having this interview because you and I both share a job when we both were in Jubilee, which. We, I had the exact opposite situation with body type.

[00:10:10] And look, mine is I’m either too thin or too tall, or, you know, not bulky enough. And here we ended up in the same show at one point together. So it’s also juggling that inconsistency of you’re trying to fit a mold, but sometimes the mold doesn’t matter. And so it. Really just goes to show the more you champion yourself and really build on your own strengths.

[00:10:36] You’re going to find that success. 

[00:10:39] Dane Reis: [00:10:39] Absolutely could not agree more. Well, let’s move to this next section to a time when I like to call your spotlight moment. That moment in time you realized, yes, I am going to be an entertainer for a living or maybe it was. Yes, this is what I need to be doing in the entertainment industry.

[00:11:02] Tell us about that. 

[00:11:03] Michael Radiff: [00:11:03] Okay. This one’s easy. This is clear. I can picture this clear as day. So I was around 14, 15. I can’t remember the exact year, but I remember the exact moment. So I was here in Vegas. We were on a, we were on vacation. Being from Colorado, it’s, close to Vegas. So that was a lot of our summer vacations growing up with family and especially being in dance, a lot of dance competitions would be held in Vegas that we would go to as well.

[00:11:35] So we came to Vegas yearly. So then I remember going to see the show mr. the treasure islands. And I will never forget the first time seeing Ross Gibson. I’m calling him out as the Redbird. And just being completely captivated. I could not take my eyes off of him. The entire show when he was off stage, I couldn’t wait for him to come back on stage.

[00:11:59] I was just completely enamored in his performance, his artistry, his agility, his athletic and acrobatic ability altogether is dance. His acting his costume, everything, everything about his performance just completely sucked. And that’s when I knew I want to do that. I want to be like him. And one day I want to be on that stage.

[00:12:27] Working in that, in that environment. And what’s great is moving here and getting to actually meet him. And he’s still on the show and I’m sure if he hears this, he’s going to be mad at me for aging, but I think it’s, it’s a true Testament to his, Professionalism and the quality of not only his performance, but his sustainability, he still in that show, he still rocks it nightly and is amazing and is such a highlight of that show.

[00:12:55] And he has been an inspiration for my teenage years, all the way through my adulthood, and then getting to meet him and work with him in several projects here. And there was a total dream come true. So even to be in his. In his realm is for me, is seeing, seeing back at that, you know, teenage kid, having a dream and then pretty much getting it in some way, shape or form.

[00:13:21] So, 

[00:13:23] Dane Reis: [00:13:23] yeah, absolutely. And I remember Jess and I went to Mystere you’re right. The red bird in that show, I had no idea who the actual performer was, but. Captivating in my opinion, the best part of the show. 

[00:13:42] Michael Radiff: [00:13:42] Absolutely. 

[00:13:43] Dane Reis: [00:13:43] It’s like, who’s this, who’s this person that is dancing better than all the dancers and do better acro than all the acrobats.

[00:13:50] Yes. And then acting his face off. I mean, it’s a lot of clowning really is what it is and it is so. Amazing. I think it’s worth it for anyone. If you’ve not seen the show, make sure you see miss stair when you come to Las Vegas. Absolutely. Such a great show. 

[00:14:08] Michael Radiff: [00:14:08] Absolutely. All 

[00:14:10] Dane Reis: [00:14:10] right. Well, let’s piggyback on that question real quick and let’s talk about your number one.

[00:14:16] Booked it moment. Walk us through that day, the audition, the callbacks, if those happened to be a part of it, what was going on in your life? And what about that moment? Makes it your favorite moment? 

[00:14:29] Michael Radiff: [00:14:29] You got it. Oh my gosh. So. Last year in the early part of 2019, this is in February. I did not audition for this.

[00:14:40] This was, this was kind of an accidental job. there was a show at the SLS, which is now back to the Sahara. Called totally outrageous brunch. And I had been brought onto the project just to help with some of the aerial stuff. Since I work as an aerialist here in Vegas, I just got brought in to talk about rigging.

[00:15:04] They had a, Ariel duo that was going to be performing in the show. And one of the producers on the show I’m friends with, brought me in to. Just kind of check the space out. And so I did that and then a few weeks later before they were going to open the Ariel duo decided to leave the project. So then my producer friend calls me, Hey, how would you like to be in the show?

[00:15:37] And as the aerial act, now it’s a duo. So. I had just started working with my friend April in as an IRL duo. And we had been working together as a duo for about, I want to say six months. so we were newly new as a duo, but not new to the aerial world. We had worked separately. We had worked together in other projects, but it was somewhere near the end of 2018.

[00:16:05] We were like, we should work together. We should be a duo. And so I asked April, I say, you know, Hey, there’s this opportunity would you want to perform as the duo act in this brunch show? We didn’t really know a lot about it. Cause we, you know, we didn’t audition for it. We didn’t know a lot about it. And she was totally on board.

[00:16:25] So we went in and I guess our audition was just showing them our act and it was probably.

[00:16:34] Four days before the show opened. Yeah, it was really, it was really, really close because they were about to open with the cast they already had. 

[00:16:44] Dane Reis: [00:16:44] Right. 

[00:16:45] Michael Radiff: [00:16:45] Well, so in that time they find out that we’re also dancers and they needed a pre show act. And the dancers that they had also pulled out of the project.

[00:16:56] So they asked, they asked, is there anything you think you could pull together? And so we all sat around a table and we came up with this concept to have a comedy dance duo. And so we were, we were called cafe . She played cafe and we were this Latin ballroom couple that pretended like they knew how to speak Spanish, pretended like they knew how to do ballroom and were just super obnoxious throughout the entire show.

[00:17:22] So the show itself was set up as a kind of like dinner theater, but it was brunch and said, so it was in the early part of the day. And people would come in, they would eat and then random acts would go on throughout the show, but there was kind of a theme throughout. And that theme was held on by the dance duo throughout the show to kind of keep it moving.

[00:17:43] So we would come out throughout the show. And be really silly, do some dancing mess with the audience, you know, it was really comedic. And then at the end we would do our aerial duo act and that’s when we kind of transformed. So it was kind of a surprise guys at the end that we were this featured Ariel duo.

[00:18:02] That was like, Oh wow, they’re actually legitimate. You know, they’re actually something and. So me and I kind of speak rural too, because talk about this a lot, that that is the pinnacle of our career because we both starting as dancers and then finding a love for the aerial arts. And that is a, a difficult world to break into and to get that position was such a really.

[00:18:35] Really exciting time for us. And I’ll never forget the day that we showed them our routine. And then. It was so fade, everything just moves so fast and they were like, that’s great. You’re in come to rehearsal tomorrow. We’ll start building, you know, this into the show and everything. And we pack up all of our stuff and we’re walking out of the theater and we’re walking through the casino and we just stopped in the middle of, in the middle of the casino.

[00:19:03] We dropped our stuff and we looked at each other and we’re like, Oh, my gosh, we’re going to be a duo on the strip and we just hugged each other. We started crying in the middle of the casino, 

[00:19:13] Dane Reis: [00:19:13] extra people. 

[00:19:14] Michael Radiff: [00:19:14] I’m sure people were like, what is wrong with these people? And we just held each other. We were so emotional and so excited because it’s just that it was really that you made it feeling.

[00:19:26] Dane Reis: [00:19:26] Absolutely. And you were doing everything that you do? 

[00:19:28] Michael Radiff: [00:19:28] Yes, we, Oh my gosh. We filled so many things in that show and it was, so it was very challenging. It’s really tough because we were in a good 80% of the show. But it was so fulfilling. So we didn’t care. We loved to being tired after that show. And it was one of those shows I never didn’t want to go in.

[00:19:47] You know, I was so jazzed, every single show knowing I was going to get to perform with my partner, we were going to be featured in this. And it was just, it, every show was like the first shell, you know, every show was that exciting feeling. And. You know, we only ran for about four months. cause it was just, it was a tough show to stay open in the location it was in, but I would never go back and change a thing with that show.

[00:20:15] That was an amazing experience that changed both of our lives, really solidified our duo, our partnership, you know, and we will base everything off of that from here on out. 

[00:20:28] Dane Reis: [00:20:28] For sure. That is a fantastic story. Thank you for sharing that. 

[00:20:32] Michael Radiff: [00:20:32] Of course. 

[00:20:34] Dane Reis: [00:20:34] Let’s take a moment now to talk about the present. Okay.

[00:20:38] What projects are you working on now? What are you looking forward to? And of course we are amidst this global pandemic. How do you see the entertainment industry moving forward in the next couple of years? 

[00:20:52] Michael Radiff: [00:20:52] Yeah. Great question. So project, it is really interesting. I, my life has changed. Or I guess things have been added to my life that are so interesting that I never for the shutdown, I was in a Hans clock, the world’s fastest magician at the Excalibur.

[00:21:15] And so I was in that working as a dancer and a magician’s assistant. That is my first experience with magic. So I got to learn a lot of new things. Here’s working professionally, new things, you know, when it’s so exciting. So right now, as far as we know we are coming back, so I’m still on hold with the cast there.

[00:21:40]it might be the end of the year or whenever it’s going to be. So I definitely want to hold onto that because that’s an, that was really fun and exciting to be a part of. And then I also. Coach at a circus school. And when we went through the shutdown, we immediately created a virtual online program.

[00:22:01] And so we had been doing a lot of us, had just been teaching from our homes. and obviously we couldn’t do any aerial stuff, but we would do conditioning and hand balancing and juggling and all the ground acts you could think of. We just really put our heads together and pulled that out. And so now that we’re kind of reopening, we belong with our virtual classes.

[00:22:23] We are also, we have an outdoor rig space or we do flying trapeze and we put some outdoor rigs out there and we’ve started an outdoor program with some of the. Some of the loosening of the restrictions. So we, we do social distancing classes basically. So we, you know, we follow all the CDC guidelines and we have lots of space and, but it’s great because we’re now bringing back our circus family, to our, to the school.

[00:22:54] And so that’s been really great. So I’ve just been, yeah, part of that, I’m one of the, I’m the aerial Nadir at trapeze Las Vegas. And so. Me and several other team members that are our owners and some admin we ever, since this happens from the beginning, we put our heads together daily to try to keep this business going, because it’s more than just a business.

[00:23:19] This is, it’s a circus family that really, you know, We want to keep alive and has been very challenging. So then that also brings me to a very interesting project that I’ve actually been involved with for about three and a half years now. When I was in a show called showstoppers at the, when I worked with this fantastic dancer named Diana Veda.

[00:23:44] And she is now in New York city and she, worked in Tootsie on Broadway and she’s done some other projects. And then right before the pandemic, she booked a, this new show called once upon a one more time. And it’s the princess fantasy show. With the music and Brittany Spears really, really eclectic and crazy and sounded really cool and interesting.

[00:24:08] And right before they started rehearsal Bay a week, but we went into the shutdown. So that’s on hold right now as well. Well, while we were in showstoppers together at the end of our run, we, were able to perform in Washington DC. As a, kind of a last term, but it was also during the inauguration of our current president, which was a very controversial thing.

[00:24:32] It was very wild experience and some people didn’t agree to do it. Some people did, we did agree to do it. And so we went to DC and we performed at this really intimate. It’s a gala. We’re a bunch of diplomats from all over the. All over the world came to celebrate our new administration and everything.

[00:24:55] And it was this in this really cool old 1930s, auditorium called the Mellon auditorium. And so we performed in it well in the whole process, we’re doing rehearsals. We’re getting to go to all of the monuments and museums and enrich, you know, it was very enriching. We got to experience DC really heavily, and it sparked this idea.

[00:25:17] Of a TV show. And I told my friend about it, she loved it. And we have been writing a five season TV series, a political drama based on this event that we performed in. So, yeah. So when the pandemic started, the positive of that was because our work schedules changed so much. We’ve been. Writing daily. Now, normally we do like meet up a couple of times a week, sometimes even couple of times a month, depending on the shows we were in.

[00:25:53] And so, but now, well we’re like, all right, tomorrow, what’s next tomorrow. What’s next? And so we’ve been writing and writing and writing. We’ve actually just submitted for a writer’s workshop that we’re hoping to get chosen for. That will help us build our pilot and kind of edit the script and really make it presentable to pitch to producers.

[00:26:13] And so it’s something I never thought I did not go to school for that at all. I am not, I, you know, I don’t have any experience with screenwriting, but. This idea just really inspired us. And so we’ve been on fire for it for quite some time. So that’s a really fun project that I’m still working on right now.

[00:26:31] And then the last one would be April and I have finally been able to get back together to start training our duo stuff. Now that we’ve loosened up some things and. We are building a new act on a new apparatus. It’s in chains, which is really intense and sounds intense, and it is intense. And then also incorporated a what’s called iron jaw where we.

[00:26:59] Literally hang by our jaw. You put your mouth in a mouthpiece and you go off the ground and you work in the air while you’re hanging by your mouth. 

[00:27:09] Dane Reis: [00:27:09] Yeah. 

[00:27:09] Michael Radiff: [00:27:09] So we’re really excited that we’re back together, and able to do that. We’ve taken a lot of precautionary measures to make sure we’re safe and everything is good.

[00:27:17] And we’re being, you know, smart and healthy, but we’re so excited to be working together again and building something new and excited for what that could be, you know, leading. Into this next chapter, which I guess brings me to what I foresee in the business. You know, it’s really hard to foresee where the entertainment business is going to go, especially now, because I feel that even pre pandemic, our businesses already volatile.

[00:27:46] And you don’t always know, like you go through trends. Vegas goes through trends. LA New York everywhere goes through different trends just based on, you know, What’s in, or, you know, what’s popular and now we have to navigate this new thing where it’s, what’s safe and what, what is, what are the risk management, you know, steps to take.

[00:28:11] So it’s really hard to really say I foresee a, B and C, but one thing I can say that I feel confident about and. Is, I am excited for us to come back because I think it’s going to be a new, a new thing. You know, the industry will be new because of it. And I will be ready. I, that is one thing that from the day we went to the shutdown, I was like, this is an opportunity for those people who really want to stick it out.

[00:28:41] And I want to be one of those people. And when people can go back, I will be ready to step back that first day. So that’s where that’s where I’m at with projects and foreseeing the future. 

[00:28:54] Dane Reis: [00:28:54] For sure. And I love that you have that mentality of saying, look, I’ve just been handed. Hours upon hours of time that I can concentrate on whatever I want to.

[00:29:05] Yeah. Whether that’s your, the screenplay and the project that you’re working on there, or your act, or just your, your mental and your physical fitness, you know, honing your skills and keeping them sharp. You know, you’re not, it’s clear that you’re not wasting any time. You’re not letting it just kind of go away.

[00:29:22] You’re taking advantage of this. Yeah. That’s great. Well, let’s move into one of my favorite sections in the interview. I call it the grease lightning round. 

[00:29:33] Michael Radiff: [00:29:33] Yes. 

[00:29:34] Dane Reis: [00:29:34] I am going to ask you a handful of questions. I want you to answer them as quickly and concisely as possible. Boom, boom, boom. One after another.

[00:29:42] Are you ready? 

[00:29:44] Michael Radiff: [00:29:44] I’m so ready? Great. 

[00:29:45] Dane Reis: [00:29:45] First question. What was the one thing holding you back from committing to a career as an 

[00:29:50] Michael Radiff: [00:29:50] entertainer? Nothing. 

[00:29:54] Dane Reis: [00:29:54] Love it. She’d second question. What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? 

[00:30:01] Michael Radiff: [00:30:01] Go 

[00:30:04] Dane Reis: [00:30:04] crate. Third question. What is something that is working for you now, or if you’d like to go pre COVID, what was working for you before our industry went on?

[00:30:15] Pause. 

[00:30:16] Michael Radiff: [00:30:16] I’m going to say during COVID. So my answer for during this whole process would be yoga and juggling. 

[00:30:24] Dane Reis: [00:30:24] Great. Fourth question. What is the best resource? Whether that is a book, a movie, a YouTube video, a podcast, or some piece of technology that you have found is helping your career right now? I 

[00:30:38] Michael Radiff: [00:30:38] have to say it.

[00:30:39] It’s zoom. 

[00:30:41] Dane Reis: [00:30:41] Absolutely. Although have you heard of Facebook rooms? 

[00:30:45] Michael Radiff: [00:30:45] Oh, I did see that on TV. I saw, I saw a advertisement for that. I have not used it. I have not tried it. I know nothing about it. 

[00:30:54] Dane Reis: [00:30:54] Yeah. I think it’s kind of just the social version of zoom. You don’t even have to have a Facebook account to use it, which is pretty cool.

[00:31:01]but anyway, yeah, I just saw that it popped up on my app the other day. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m going to get around to it. All right. And the fifth question, if you had to start your career from scratch, but you still had all the knowledge and experience you’ve collected from your career in the entertainment industry, what would you do or not do?

[00:31:23] Would you do anything differently or keep it the same? 

[00:31:27] Michael Radiff: [00:31:27] I wouldn’t necessarily change anything or do anything differently except I would check my youthful arrogance. 

[00:31:37] Dane Reis: [00:31:37] Can you expand on that a little bit? That, 

[00:31:38] Michael Radiff: [00:31:38] yeah. Oh, of course. Like, you know, being 18, leaving high school and going onto cruise ships, thinking that I am it, I am God’s gift to the world as a performer.

[00:31:49] You know, I think there’s something to be said for confidence, but I think I re I just remember a time. Maybe taking that a little too far into the arrogance land. And if I had all the knowledge I have now, I will walk right up to my eight year old self and be like, okay, calm down. Be a little more gracious.

[00:32:11] And yes, stay confident. But you know, You’re a small fish right now in a big pond. So check yourself 

[00:32:20] Dane Reis: [00:32:20] for sure. And absolutely all of us as entertainers and professional entertainers, we absolutely 100% need to have a bit of ego, a bit of confidence. Otherwise, I don’t, I don’t think you can survive in a single 

[00:32:34] Michael Radiff: [00:32:34] store.

[00:32:35] Absolutely. 

[00:32:35] Dane Reis: [00:32:35] There is certainly that fine line to moving to arrogance and people love confidence, right? Not so much the arrogant part. 

[00:32:44] Michael Radiff: [00:32:44] Yes. Yes. 

[00:32:46] Dane Reis: [00:32:46] That’s fantastic advice for anybody listening and. The last question. What is the golden nugget knowledge drop that you’ve learned from your successful career in the industry that you would like to leave with our listeners?

[00:33:01] Michael Radiff: [00:33:01] Okay. Yeah. I’ve been pondering this and I, you know, this is what I really, this is something I really believe after, after. Such a good long what feels like a lengthy career. And it’s pretty simple. And this is, so this is what I think is that, you know, as soon as you think everyone cares, no one does. And then as soon as you think, no one cares everyone does.

[00:33:27] So to me, it’s very important that you really care for yourself first. Take care of yourself and care for yourself, and then you’ll be able to really genuinely care for everyone else on the outside. So that would be my nugget to throw while 

[00:33:45] Dane Reis: [00:33:45] I think that’s fantastic. And to wrap up this interview, it is time for you to give yourself a plug.

[00:33:53] Where can we find you? How do our listeners connect with you? Is there anything you want to promote? 

[00:33:58] Michael Radiff: [00:33:58] Sure. Okay. Well, you can definitely find me on Facebook and Instagram. My personal Instagram is at M B rattus and then I also share a dual page with April. it’s at duo dragon wing. That’s our duo name.

[00:34:16] And so you can follow us there. I also, like I said, before I coach at trapeze Las Vegas, we do virtual and outdoor. We now do outdoor classes and you can find us on the sunset and Las Vegas corner, where our outdoor rig is. So definitely come and check us out if you’re looking to have a circus experience and yes, I mean you’ll Oh, and then if we come back, I’ll definitely be in Hahn’s clock.

[00:34:43] The world’s fastest magician show and then hopefully you’ll see April and I as a duo. Very soon we are. We’re going to be working very hard to get back up in the air somewhere on the strip. So be looking out for that for sure. 

[00:34:57] Dane Reis: [00:34:57] Perfect. Well, Michael, thank you so much for joining me today. It was a pleasure having you.

[00:35:03] Michael Radiff: [00:35:03] Oh, it was my pleasure. Thank you so much, Dean. 

[00:35:07] Dane Reis: [00:35:07] Thank you so much for joining us today. My one call to action for you is to go to youbookeditpodcast.com and join our free email community. Where we dig deep into a continually growing resource of truly actionable things you can be doing right now to help you advance your entertainment career.

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