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EP 52: Antonio Granda Manzano (autogenerated)

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[00:01:16] I will give you a shout out on an upcoming episode at now. Let’s do this. Okay. Let’s get started. I am excited to introduce my guest today, Antonio grunda Manzano. Are you ready for this Antonio? 

[00:01:33] Antonio Granda Manzano: [00:01:33] So ready? Let’s do it. 

[00:01:35] Dane Reis: [00:01:35] Alright, man. Yeah. Antonio is originally from LA Havana, Cuba, where he started his artistic career at the age of eight, watching his mother perform in restaurants and hotels around the city.

[00:01:48] At 18, he moved to Istanbul Turkey, where he had to adapt to an absolutely different culture and learn a new language, still developing English because Spanish is of course his native language. He has performed on countless stages across Turkey with many internationally known. Pop artists, fashion designers and photographers at 26, he relocated to the USA where he has been seen and produced such as cocoa adios, Saturday night fever, divas by Frank Marino and Aussie heat.

[00:02:20] He has also been featured as a model in various fashion shows and commercial work. Antonio is grateful for the opportunities that have come his way and is thrilled to say he’s living and experiencing more than he. Ever dreamed possible, Antonio, that is a quick intro of who you are and what you’ve done, but why don’t you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

[00:02:42] Fill in the gaps, who you are and a little bit more about what you do as a professional. In the entertainment industry, 

[00:02:50] Antonio Granda Manzano: [00:02:50] of course. Well, I am, first of all, a dancer, professional dancer and model and something I did not mention are I actually do not mention to a lot of people, is that in my years of practicing Wooster, which is a Chinese martial art, I was also a, an athlete and instructors.

[00:03:11] So I used to teach, well, very, very little kids, young adults. Majors elderly people. So yeah, also I have a new instructor back in the day. Fantastic. Yeah, I would say in the last. Two three years is when I’ve been doing more modeling, but dancing has been for most of my life. my main project besides that.

[00:03:36] Well, I’m just, just like everybody else. A regular person. I love doing hovies. I love being at home. I love gathering with friends and just doing fun activities, outdoor stuff. It just like hiking, you know, going to a Lake or the ocean, stuff like that. 

[00:03:57] Dane Reis: [00:03:57] Yeah. Perfect. Well, let’s move on to our next section here.

[00:04:01] And Antonio, look, I am a sucker for a good quote. What is your favorite quote? You’d like to share with everybody? 

[00:04:09] Antonio Granda Manzano: [00:04:09] My favorite quote. I, they honestly believe in this one and it’s something that I’ve learned. It took me a long time to actually learn. And I would say that everything happens for a reason why everything happens for a reason.

[00:04:26] Most of us do not understand, you know, how certain things happen, why they happen. And we just. Remain in this state of wonder why they did not get this job. Why didn’t I get to travel somewhere? Why didn’t I get to see this person? Why they didn’t this thing that I wanted to happen, but it didn’t.

[00:04:48] Everything happens for a reason. If you didn’t book a job, it just wasn’t meant to be for you. If you didn’t go on a trip, you weren’t meant to be on top plane. You weren’t meant to be on that place on that time. So you just gotta go with the flow. You have to understand that some things are just meant to happen in a way and a time where it’s just.

[00:05:14] It, it it’s supposed to be on the right time, for you pushing things. Sometimes it can create a lot of stress and a lot of pressure, especially on ourselves, because we want something so bad that we push it. And then we kind of a mess it up just to say it in a way. 

[00:05:36] Dane Reis: [00:05:36] I love that. You said, look, you know, you do, you don’t want to stress about anything and.

[00:05:40] You’re right, because being caught up in trying to make something happen, that really isn’t looking like it’s going to happen. Can absolutely put more pressure, more stress on us than we really need. And while of course, yeah, you have to always be prepping and preparing in training and putting yourself in the best possible position to book that gig or accomplish whatever it is you want to accomplish.

[00:06:03] There is some point where you just have to let it go right. 

[00:06:06] Antonio Granda Manzano: [00:06:06] And see what the world gives you. Yep. 

[00:06:09] Dane Reis: [00:06:09] Absolutely. Well, let’s move on to this next section. And Antonio, of course you are an entertainer. I am an entertainer, and I think you’d agree that this industry is one of the most subjective, brutally, honest, personally emotional industries in existence.

[00:06:26] And you know, as well as I, that in order to. Create and to have a successful career in this industry. Like you’re having now takes a lot of dedication and hard work. And while of course, yeah, there is an outrageous amount of fun and excitement being on stage, being an entertainer. There are also our fair share of obstacles and challenges.

[00:06:48] Failures, we are going to experience and we’re going to have to move forward through. So tell us what is one key challenge, obstacle or failure you’ve experienced in your career and how did you come out the other side better because of it. 

[00:07:04] Antonio Granda Manzano: [00:07:04] Oh my God. What a topic? Yeah. I definitely thoroughly experienced challenges and obstacles personally.

[00:07:13] It was for me, I would say my immigration status, as you already know, I come from a small Island in the Caribbean and I moved to Istanbul when I was about 18. Moving to stumble was not a easy. Transition. First of all, I became immediately an immigrant. I’m living a very different country, different people, different culture, different language, everything’s different.

[00:07:39] So you have to adapt and you have to learn new things that your entire life has not been just present. It’s not part of your life. So. For me once becoming a dancer since I started pretty late in my life as a entertainer, being a Cuban citizen was absolutely a obstacle when it came to booking some jobs.

[00:08:03] Sometimes most of the time when I started working with these famous pop artists in Turkey, they will have concerts or shows abroad. Most of them were in Turkey, but they will also travel to Europe, just like in Germany. There is a very, big community of Turkish people. So they will go to Amsterdam, Berlin, Switzerland, several cities in Europe, where there are, like I said, a very big community of Turkish people.

[00:08:35] And of course they will always bring their dances with them. And back in the day when I was still a dancer for Maura balls, which is a very big singer right now in Turkey. I had the opportunity to go and perform with him in a lot, a lot of stages around the country. But then when he came. To that point where I had to leave the country.

[00:09:02] That was an obstacle for me. I did require a Shanghai, which is something a lot of people don’t know for people that do not belong to the European community or do not live there. We’re not born there. You need a Schengen visa. If you’re not an American citizen, or I would say also English. So, yeah, that was an obstacle for me.

[00:09:24] It was heartbreaking because I mean, back then, of course I wasn’t much younger. I had, a bigger fire inside of me. I wanted to perform, perform, perform. I wanted to just dance and showcase myself as much as I could. And what a better way to do this international that, I mean, traveling for dancing, it’s one of the most amazing things I’ve experienced in my career.

[00:09:46] So. Not being able to do that was absolutely heartbreaking. And just an obstacle that I couldn’t really overcome back then, that’s basically the reason or one of the reasons why I decided to move to USA once moving here and acquiring a green card or citizenship, then it would allow me to, be way more free when it came to traveling internationally, Fort worth.

[00:10:14] Dane Reis: [00:10:14] Absolutely. And you’ve managed to get your green card and everything at this point, 

[00:10:18] Antonio Granda Manzano: [00:10:18] I did, I did. Daddy’s a life success for me. 

[00:10:23] Dane Reis: [00:10:23] Fantastic. Congratulations. We had to do the whole process for my wife and it is full on, but I’m glad you’ve. You’ve gone through it and you got, Oh 

[00:10:33] Antonio Granda Manzano: [00:10:33] my gosh. She’s such a process is such a process.

[00:10:35] It’s long it’s, it’s intimidating. It’s scary. But once you got it, you got 

[00:10:40] Dane Reis: [00:10:40] it. Absolutely. 

[00:10:42] Antonio Granda Manzano: [00:10:42] Yeah. Thank you. And congratulations to you. 

[00:10:45] Dane Reis: [00:10:45] Ah, thank you. Well, let’s move on to this next section to a time that I like to call your spotlight moment. That one moment in time you realized, yes, I am going to be an entertainer for living or.

[00:11:01] Maybe it was, yes, this is what I need to be doing in the entertainment industry. Tell us about that. 

[00:11:09] Antonio Granda Manzano: [00:11:09] Oh my gosh. Wow. I’ve had many of those moments to be honest. But I’m going to say that my first one ever was when I worked this job, or again, the same artists that I mentioned a while ago, what I bought back in is stumbled Turkey.

[00:11:29] It was very unexpected just because bad Ben will, I will is being an instructor. And I was. Training for myself, as I mentioned through Kung Fu Musu and I did still, even though I moved to Istanbul and I was living in a whole different place, I still wanted to. Keep practicing my sport. I wanted to become a, an international champion.

[00:11:56] I wanted to represent my country still, but I, it was very, very difficult to do it living in a different country to be able to do that. I would have had to. Have a permission from my precedent, from the Kung Fu president of the Federation in Cuba, which was my teacher, or I would have to become a Turkish citizen to be able to compete internationally.

[00:12:19] So, because that was, it’s just something that I saw years ahead and. When you’re an athlete, you cannot just lose years of your life. You have to do it now, or it’s never, you’re young. Right? You have to do it now. So it was, it would take a long time. So that’s the reason why I kind of decided to. Take this hobby, which was dancing at the moment and just make it work somehow too, in a way I needed for dancing to become a job.

[00:12:52] So it would provide for myself and my family. So. I started going to dance classes, hip hop, dance classes. And what a coincidence. One of the choreographers that I was taking class from was a friend, one of my friend. So she talked to her about me and my niece taking dancing to the next level. And she was very kind to me.

[00:13:18] There was a TV competition going DV dance competition going on. And she had these dancers with her so that she was getting these, his routine ready for the competition. So she invited me to, rehearse with them and she was just observative with me. She wanted to see if I was able to move in the same way as these other dancers were moving and see if I could be part of that dance competition some way it didn’t really happen, but she was very impressed with me.

[00:13:54] She. She is so, Oh my gosh, you can actually move very well. Have you taken classes before? I truly. Didn’t have that training back then. It was just a natural thing that had inside of me since I come from Cuba. It’s very, it’s a very, you know, musical, cultural, food kind of place, anywhere you go. There’s music dancing going on.

[00:14:19] So she immediately made me part of a group and I was thrilled. I did not even know what to say. I was very, very, very surprised that she liked me. Right after that, I would say a few weeks after that is when Maura boss’s audition comes up. Thanks to her. Send him the military. I have to mention her name because this is a person I really, really.

[00:14:44] I owe a lot in my dance career because she actually pushed me. She told me you have to come to this audition. You have to come, you have to come. He has to see you. I went there. I did the combo, I would say, not as well as the other dancers that were there that were actual. Dancers that have been probably the instances where a five, six year old, but once they asked us to do our solos, then I had to, there was no other way for me to do an actual dance routine.

[00:15:14] So what I did was comfort rooting. They founded a very strong, they found they’re very artistic and they shows me when I found out that I was going to be in the cast for boss, I was. I honestly did not even know what I was getting into. Yeah, of course it was, it was surprising. It was surprising. And I actually really got to meet the artists on the day of my first concert, right after I went on stage and started hitting the first steps, which was kind of, it was, it was very strange to me the way it happened.

[00:15:50] But once I realized I was on stage. With this, person and this thousands of people were there just for him. And I was part of that whole show. I mean, that was extremely, extremely, extremely satisfying. So yeah, that was one of them. Yeah. I would say the first one. Yeah. 

[00:16:10] Dane Reis: [00:16:10] Beautiful. And I can imagine you’ve got there.

[00:16:11] You’re like, wow. I have arrived. This is what. I am meant to be doing with my life. 

[00:16:17] Antonio Granda Manzano: [00:16:17] Absolutely. Yeah, exactly. Just like that. I love that. 

[00:16:21] Dane Reis: [00:16:21] Well, let’s piggyback on that question and let’s talk about your number one, booked it moment. Walk us through that day, the auditions and call backs. If they happen to be a part of it, what was going on in your life?

[00:16:34] And what about that moment? Makes it your favorite? Booked it moment. 

[00:16:39] Antonio Granda Manzano: [00:16:39] This was a job that once I. God, it literally changed my life. I just moved to Vegas and I’ve been here for two months. I joined the program, the retaining program, your hotel, which was through best agency. And I wasn’t really sure exactly what I was getting into.

[00:17:00] Again. I thought I was going to be performing at some stage and some kind of show and been serving cocktails, but it was more about serving cocktails then performing. So it was it. It was surprising to me, but then I was told that Frank Marino was holding auditions for a male dancers. I did not know what the show was about.

[00:17:23] I did not know just anything, anything about the show, but it was male dancers. And I know that Vegas do require a male dancers badly. So I said, okay, let’s give it a shot. I’m going to go and see what happens. I got there. We did the audition. Everything went well right after the audition was over right after we finished the combos.

[00:17:50] Well, Frank assistance calls me and he says, you were very good. You were someone to look at on stage, but we would like to speak to you. So I said, of course, absolutely. A couple of days after that I get a offer and I was. Wow. I was a little, a little bit overwhelmed, a little bit surprised. I w I, I was very, actually very, very happy because I said to myself, Oh my God.

[00:18:21] I just got to Las Vegas. I’ve been here for only two months in I’m booking my first show ever in Vegas in just two months of being 

[00:18:30] Dane Reis: [00:18:30] yeah, that’s fantastic. 

[00:18:32] Antonio Granda Manzano: [00:18:32] Yeah, it was, it was amazing. It was amazing right at that moment in my life. And this is getting a little bit more personal. I was dating someone that it kind of made me feel like, Oh my gosh, this is it.

[00:18:46] I, I found it. This is what I want in my life. I can see a future together, et cetera, et cetera. But somehow it didn’t work out and actually a couple of phase. So the audition is when we stopped seeing each other and I went into. Quite a deep depression. So it was bittersweet. It was, you know, on one side I booked the show.

[00:19:13] So on the other side, I lost this person, this relationship, which I really thought it was going to get really serious. So. After the addition, of course, I had to go into two, three weeks of preparation learning all the routines or the repertoire of the show. And it was a moment of happiness and joy when I was rehearsing.

[00:19:36] But then once going back home, I just automatically went into that state of sadness, depression, you know, sense of loss. And it was, it wasn’t really. Easy for me. But once I became part of the cast and I started performing, it was, I mean, I can not even describe it. It was fulfilling. I stayed in that. It made it up too, that loss that I just experienced and that depression that I was living.

[00:20:07] It was bittersweet, but, you know, I just lost something, but instead I gained something else. So that’s it. Like I said, bittersweet, I love it. It 

[00:20:17] Dane Reis: [00:20:17] is amazing how life will throw us all sorts of crazy things. And you had very two very big extremes in your life. And I can imagine both of them really played off of each other and led you to where you are now.

[00:20:30] And I also love that a couple of times now you’ve said. You know, I didn’t really know it was going on. I didn’t know what I was getting myself in two, but I just kept doing it. You just kept moving forward and just blindly going forward. You’re like, this is, I know this is the right direction. I’m just moving.

[00:20:48] And I think there’s such a massive takeaway there because so often us as entertainers, just as people living life, we tend to procrastinate or backpedal on things because. It’s scary or you’re jumping into the unknown and you really, you just don’t need all of your ducks in a row all the time. You gotta just keep moving forward and good things happen.

[00:21:14] I mean, look at your entire story from being in Cuba, to Istanbul, to the USA. It’s, it’s amazing. It’s an amazing journey and you just kept moving forward. And I think there’s so much to be learned from that. 

[00:21:25] Antonio Granda Manzano: [00:21:25] Absolutely also, I would say planning things too much can, we can get in our heads and it kind of can mess up things sometimes.

[00:21:36] Just like I was saying earlier, everything happens for a reason. If you feel like you should do something, do it, go for it. When you plan things, you create this expectation in your head and things don’t go the way you want it. That then that’s when frustration and disappointment comes along. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to get into, but I’m okay.

[00:21:59] I heard this and I’ve heard that there’s negative and positive. Let’s let’s live it my way. I want to live in my way. I want to experience it my way. I want to see how it goes for me. It doesn’t go the same for everybody else. So listen to what other people say, but also experience it yourself and you can be.

[00:22:19] Extremely surprised. 

[00:22:20] Dane Reis: [00:22:20] I love that advice. Well, let’s take a moment to talk about the present. What projects are you working on now? What are you looking forward to? And of course, this is a weird time. We are a bit this global pandemic. How do you see the entertainment industry moving forward in the next couple of years?

[00:22:40] Antonio Granda Manzano: [00:22:40] See right now? Yeah, like you said, difficult times right now. I really in this present moment, I don’t have anything going on. Although in the very near future, I’m going to be part of a magic show at Jack Alexander’s Maggie’s show. So I’m thrilled about that. I’m very excited. I have never been part of a magic show.

[00:23:02] So other than that, I would say. I have been talking to a couple of friends that are actors and my entire life I’ve felt the desire for being on a TV, not only just on stage and humping around and doing moves and jumps in. But also acting it’s something that has fascinated me my entire life. And I have been getting some advice for this, a couple of friends, and right now I’m more of a personal, or I would say auto.

[00:23:40] I don’t know instructor, I would say I watch a lot of TV shows. I go into a YouTube, I watch tutorials and kind of just self training for a career as an actor. And then just my project of life. I’m right now, deciding on what to do, which way to take now that I am not as young as I used to be anymore. So that’s why acting comes to my head.

[00:24:08] I would say that I want to learn the other side of the industry. Not only being in front of a camera or on stage, I want to learn a little bit more of what it is being behind the scenes and, behind the camera learn. What is organizing, scheduling becoming more of a assistance coordinator, director, stuff like that.

[00:24:31] Dane Reis: [00:24:31] Yeah. Fantastic. Well, let’s move on to one of my favorite sections in the interview. I call it the grease lightning round. I am going to ask you a handful of questions. I want you to answer them as quickly and concisely as possible one after another. Are you ready? 

[00:24:50] Antonio Granda Manzano: [00:24:50] Oh my gosh. All right, let’s do it. The 

[00:24:53] Dane Reis: [00:24:53] first question.

[00:24:54] What was the one thing holding you back from committing to a career as an entertainer? 

[00:24:59] Antonio Granda Manzano: [00:24:59] Honestly, nothing, nothing was holding me back again. My mom is a performer that the image of my mother singing and playing the model cars and the bone goal, it was just fascinating to me is the first thing I remember from her.

[00:25:14] And I think that once I discovered that I could actually sing when I was eight years old and I. I just naturally did it. I went for it. 

[00:25:24] Dane Reis: [00:25:24] I love that. And second question. What is something that is working for you right now? Or if you’d like to go pre COVID, what was working for you before our industry went on?

[00:25:36] Pause. 

[00:25:38] Antonio Granda Manzano: [00:25:38] Modeling was working for me very well. I would say that I was booking way more jobs as a model, as then, as an answer, I got to be in some commercials for restaurants and just spots on the hotels on the strip. I booked these major gig for the straps, since the Strat hotel it’s being, they were in this state of renovation and just.

[00:26:03] Creating kind of a new refreshing image for the location. and besides it’s that, well, of course dancing is going to be always something works for me, but yeah, modeling was just the thing that was going on. So since I been booking these jobs, I decided to step it up a little bit. So I became part of this agency in LA it’s called MB models.

[00:26:30] They do have one, one spot here in Las Vegas and one spot in LA, Los Angeles. And they started sending me gigs for way more exposure and for major brands. So that was definitely. There’s something very, very good going on for me. Fantastic. 

[00:26:50] Dane Reis: [00:26:50] Fantastic. And the fourth question, what is the best resource?

[00:26:55] Whether that is a book, a movie, a YouTube video, maybe a podcast, maybe some piece of technology that you found is helping your career right now. 

[00:27:05] Antonio Granda Manzano: [00:27:05] That’s a very hard one because. Yeah, you do, TV shows. I mean, we have in the Palm of our hands every single day, our phones, our iPads, all of it actually works.

[00:27:18]In our careers right now, once you go to YouTube and you get the opportunity to, to watch this choreography that this famous, internationally known choreographer has just put out there just a few seconds ago and you get to. Learn the combo or just see what is going on. What’s the development that’s going on in the dance community.

[00:27:41] It just seconds after that video was put out there in the cloud TV shows, I would say just because, as I mentioned, I want to have the desire of. Becoming an actor. So for me, it’s kind of a, it’s kind of a school because I get to learn, learn a lot of things on my own. Again, I would watch it scene. I will go back to YouTube, watch this tutorial or a class.

[00:28:08] I mean, There’s so much content out there, especially in a YouTube that people don’t even know about. They people think that, you know, you have to pay a certain amount of money, go to a class, get a personal coach, this and that. But yes, you are going to need that data some point, but a YouTube is just a tool that you can use on the Palm of your hands.

[00:28:33] You have it right there and you may learn things that you think are worth a lot of money, but you got them right there for free. 

[00:28:42] Dane Reis: [00:28:42] Absolutely. I love YouTube. It is such a good resource for quite literally everything. Yep. And let’s move on to the field. The question, if you had to start your career from scratch, but you still had all the knowledge and experience you’ve collected from your career in the industry, what would you do or not do?

[00:29:01] Would you do anything differently or would you keep it the same? 

[00:29:05] Antonio Granda Manzano: [00:29:05] I would definitely do some things differently. I would say the first thing it would be getting in my head. Yeah. Libra. I just think too much and analyze things way too much. I get in my head and yes, I look on the positive side, but I also look on the negative and us as human beings, we tend to look more in the negative.

[00:29:30] Because we have that instinct of the self protection, so we don’t want to fail. We don’t want to do something. That’s gonna make us look bad or it’s gonna bring insecurity even more insecurity in our lives. Oh yeah. Getting less in my head believing more. Yeah. Myself. I would say sometimes I would not go to an audition or I would not just present myself physically or send even my info through email or just because.

[00:30:00] I just thought that I wasn’t, I wasn’t fit for the job or I was just not on that level. And then once I would go to auditions, I would say that I would be better prepared. I would be, let’s say my clothing. Sometimes I will show up to auditions and I would see everybody dressed in black or in a certain way with certain shoes, certain.

[00:30:27] Pants shorts, tank tops, haircut, makeup, stuff like that. And I just saw myself a little bit under prepared. So yeah, I will be. Better prepared. 

[00:30:40] Dane Reis: [00:30:40] Absolutely. And it’s a good, the point that you bring up with going into audition rooms and noticed people wearing certain clothes, people, different shoes, things like this.

[00:30:49] And it’s very good to know that different markets, whether that’s LA or Vegas or New York or London, every market has its own little unique things that it does and the way people present themselves for the majority of auditions and. Unfortunately, just kind of have to go to the rooms and see what it is, but know that that is actually a thing in the more that you can make sure that you are making yourself fit in to that scene and in that market, 

[00:31:20] Antonio Granda Manzano: [00:31:20] the better.

[00:31:20] Correct. 

[00:31:22] Dane Reis: [00:31:22] And let’s move on to the last question. What is the golden nugget knowledge drop you’ve learned from your successful career in the industry that you’d like to leave with our listeners? 

[00:31:34] Antonio Granda Manzano: [00:31:34] I’ve learned so many rich things of our industry. I could mention a bunch of them, honestly, but golden nuggets for me.

[00:31:45] I think it didn’t only. Helped me my personal life, but also my career. And it’s confidence. You have to learn how to be confident. You have to somehow. Find that thing that makes you stand out and that makes you thrive over any obstacle. Let’s say that you go to an audition you’re not properly well-dressed maybe you’re not even on the level of maybe these jazz dancers or hip or hiphop dancers.

[00:32:20] The confidence is one eye is what’s gonna get you the job. Once you hit the steps. It doesn’t matter your background. It doesn’t matter what you actually are. What your base is, your confidence, showing it on your face, your energy. That’s, what’s going to get you a job. Sometimes people, that are judging auditions, they’re looking for a story look or a certain type of dancer, but sometimes they will look at that person that.

[00:32:48] Oh, my gosh, this person is maybe not the height that we’re looking for. Maybe not the look that we’re looking for, but he or she is so confident than she, she, or he knows what he wants. So. That desire, that fire, that people you it’s, what’s going to get you the job. So confidence is key. Confidence is I would say my golden nugget, just show who you are, be yourself.

[00:33:16] Just give the best of you. And you will probably with the job. 

[00:33:21] Dane Reis: [00:33:21] Yeah, perfect. And to wrap up this interview, it is time to give yourself a plug. Where can we find you? How do our listeners connect with you? Is there anything you want to promote? 

[00:33:33] Antonio Granda Manzano: [00:33:33] Of course. Well, I’m a social media user and I use it mostly for work reasons.

[00:33:42] So yeah, you can find me on Instagram as Antonio grandad on Facebook as Antonio ground. I have a page. Which is connected to my Instagram. So everything I share on my Instagram goes on that page. And then my personal Facebook, it’s some Tonio E from Julissa’s E ground out Manzano. You can find me there, shoot me a message for bookings.

[00:34:07] Anything advice, anything that I can help with, of course, I’m here. And I will be, I will try to be able to help as many as I can. 

[00:34:18] Dane Reis: [00:34:18] Fantastic Antonio, it does mean a pleasure to have you on today. And for everyone listening out there, I will make sure that all his social media links are also in the description of this episode.

[00:34:29] But Antonio it’s been great to have you. Thank you so much for being here. 

[00:34:33] Antonio Granda Manzano: [00:34:33] Thank you then. 

[00:34:35] Dane Reis: [00:34:35] Thank you so much for joining us today. My one call to action for you is to go to and join our free email community. Where we dig deep into a continually growing resource of truly actionable things you can be doing right now to help advance your entertainment career.

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